My Experience with Jesuit Refugee Service

I have learnt many things since I join JRS. Meeting with refugees and asylum seekers shows me how important it is to always have hope, even in the most difficult situation. Continue reading

Open Minds, Unlock Potential

On 20 June the world observed World Refugee Day. Over 65 million people – mothers, fathers, sisters and children – are in search of safety after being forced to leave their homes by war, violence and persecution. Continue reading

A Journey of an Iraqi Survivor

I was born in Baghdad, Iraq. It was a beautiful country, the place of the holy messengers. My country is bleeding since 2003. It became like hell. The people of my country are divided into many groups based on religion and ethnicity, which lead them to fight each other and kill for nothing more than worldly pleasure. Continue reading

Accompaniment – Encountering Those Forsaken

After visiting for several days and observing the refugees’ activities, I noticed a teenage boy sitting alone in a tent, while his friends were outside. I was so curious, so I went to see him. “My name Mohammad Hasan,” he introduced himself. Continue reading

My Short Experience with JRS

My name is Gifttra, an IT student from President University. I am now in my last period of study, and I am in an ongoing formation process of Magis Jakarta, a community that helps me to know more about God. This community offers me an array of different methods in searching for God. One of it is immersion, learning while living with marginalized communities. I was placed in JRS Bogor together with my 3 friends Risha, Dony, and Ririn.
Continue reading

Education for the Future: A Glimpse of Hope of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Cisarua

For asylum seekers and refugees, to leave their country is not only leaving their home, friends, and family, but also all opportunities to learn and develop through education. However, formal education is mostly not accessible for them while in transit countries. Education is really important for asylum seekers and refugees, not only as fundamental right, but also as a source of hope to keep learning even in uncertainty, so they can get better lives once an opportunity is given. Continue reading

Because Competence and Conscience are not Enough

In this public awareness event at Loyola College Semarang, JRS presented the global refugee issues, the latest data, and shared our experience in accompanying refugees and asylum seekers to the 250 11th grader. Continue reading

Refreshment for a Day

On 17 November, life became normal again for a few hours for 10 asylum seekers and refugees detained in Immigration Detention Center (IDC) Surabaya. Spending a day at the Safari Park, sitting in nature, observing animals, to be with many people and eat in a restaurant is a luxury for them. Continue reading

JRS Fundraising at Kotabaru, Yogyakarta

On Saturday and Sunday, 12-13 September 2015, JRS Indonesia gets an opportunity to hold a public awareness and fundraising event at St Anthony of Padua Parish, Kotabaru, Yogyakarta. Continue reading

A Genuine Act of Solidarity

“Really? There are refugees in Manado?” was the first reaction of Erlyn Kindangen after hearing about JRS services in Manado. JRS Indonesia started accompanying refugees and asylum seeker at Manado Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) in January 2015 . Continue reading

Syaitara Longing for Her Mother

Syaitara, a 10 years old Rohingya girl has been longing for her family since she was separated from her mother Khonsuma and her two siblings Imam Husein and Nurul Amin. Continue reading

A Journey to Find Hope

My name is Keyhan. I am a Hazara refugee from Afghanistan now living in Australia. Before I came here, I was in Indonesia for about three years and spent my time in several places. Places that I will never forget. Let me tell you my journey, it is a story about finding hope. Continue reading