About Us

Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Indonesia Foundation is a humanitarian organization founded on November 14th, 1980, as a response to the plight of Vietnam “boat people” in Galang Island. Over the last 30 years, together with all who have concern, JRS accompanied, served, and advocated the rights of refugees both those in the refugee camps, urban areas, as well as in immigration detention centers.  Together with all staff and volunteers who came from different backgrounds, JRS Indonesia Foundation provided services to refugees in West Timor (1999), IDPs in Moluccas (2000), Aceh and North Sumatera (2001), West Java, Central Java, and displaced people affected by natural disaster of Special Province of Yogyakarta. Since 2009, JRS Indonesia played a role in accompanying refugees and asylum seekers in accordance to its initial mandate. JRS Indonesia Foundation started to accompany Rohingya asylum seekers in Aceh and North Sumatera. JRS services evolved into accompaniment to asylum seekers in Medan Immigratrion Detention Center (2009), asylum seekers in Cisarua (2010) and asylum seekers in Surabaya Immigration Detention Center (2012) as well as in Yogyakarta refugee community housing.


A world which is free of boundaries, separation, and forced displacement. A world where people were able to travel freely and safely. A world living the value of hospitality to anyone.


The mission of JRS is to accompany, serve, and advocate the rights of refugees and those who are forced to be displaced.