Emergency Relief

JRS works among people displaced by natural disaster primarily in the emergency relief phase. JRS accompanies those persons who are most inadequately attended to and gives priority to situations of great need.

Welcoming Rohingya Refugees in Solidarity and Compassion with People of Aceh

Early this year, JRS Indonesia received communication of a mother vessel which had embarked on a dangerous journey to seek a more dignified life and protection. News after news reported heartbreaking stories of the rejection of the ship that sought … Continue reading


14.000 People Still Homeless

“I held Ananda against my chest on a motorcycle to flee for life. The crew of a water tank truck that was there for the evacuation took me and my grandchild aboard the vehicle straight away,” said Murtini, Ananda’s grandmother. She fled away to save her life after hearing the loud noise of Mt Merapi’s eruption. It was around 1 o’clock in the morning of 5 November 2010. The area was terribly dark, covered with volcanic ash, hot lava and cloud. “Luckily, it was raining at the same time. If not, I’m sure more victims would have fallen as the ash and sand was very hot”, Murtini’s husband interrupted. Continue reading

Seorang perempuan di Bungbangsari ikut serta membangun kembali rumahnya

The Beauty of Solidarity

Positive appreciation of the community towards JRS programs helped in the house construction. Even though the rebuilding of the 25 houses took place in distant parts of the area sometimes difficult to reach by four-wheeled vehicles but construction and repairs could be completed within 75 days. Continue reading


Limited Space For Sharing On Disaster Affecting Women

The knowledge on disaster risk reduction acquired by Mrs Rafnaini (38) is indeed something new that she would like to pass on to the women’s community at her gampong (village). But a forum for this purpose is not available, because all activities at the PKK (family welfare education program) in Panjupian Village are dormant. As the PKK treasurer, who took part in a training on village planning with the perspective on disaster risk reduction held by JRS in December 2009, Rafnaini doesn’t know what forum she can use to pass on her knowledge to others. Continue reading