Strategic Framework

In colaboration with receiving communities, authorities, international organisations, local NGOs and universities, JRS Indonesia aims to build a culture of solidarity and respect for the rights of displaced people in Indonesia.

Overall Goal JRS Indonesia 2012 – 2014

The human dignity of Internally Displaced Persons, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers are acknowledged. They feel respected and empowered through accompaniment, effective, efficient and accountable services and advocacy.

Detention, Asylum Seekers and Refugees

  • To continue the accompaniment of asylum seekers and refugees in Immigration Detention Center (IDC)
  • To create and support alternatives to detention
  • To promote legal assistance for asylum seekers
  • To create awareness about the importance of Refugee Status Determination
  • To strengthen networking with stakeholders
  • To promote open coordination between stakeholders

Peace Building & Reconciliation

  • To create awareness about the importance of reconciliation and trauma healing
  • To promote peace building programs based on Living Values Education

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

  • To accompany and serve (ex-) conflict IDPs
  • To ensure that IDPs’ rights are respected
  • To support social integration, economic reconciliation and trauma healing
  • To ensure the validity of land-titles for relocation
  • To design a JRS standard for Emergency Response focusing on addressing basic needs and trauma healing
  • To provide temporary shelter/ non permanent housing if urgently needed
  • To share information to ensure the real expectations needs are addressed
  • To provide trainings aimed to empower IDP’s based on their cultural capacities and skills
  • To share lessons learned from JRS programs